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Welcome to ACETECH 2014

THE ECONOMIC TIMES PRESENTS ACETECH, which is solely dedicated to the fast growing and the very popular construction industry. The Indian construction industry has a major influence on our nation's economy. The construction industry is amongst one of the fastest growing sectors in India and comes with a promising future. As the national economy grows a social and financial demand for infrastructural update increases. A strategic study of this growth shows us the evident signs of multiplying opportunities due to increase in demand. THE ECONOMIC TIMES PRESENTS ACETECH.

Mumbai : Bombay Exhibition Centre - 06-07-08-09 November 2014 | Bengaluru : BIEC - 28-29-30 November 2014 | Delhi : Pragati Maidan - 18-19-20-21 Dec 2014, Pragati Maidan | Kolkata : Science City Exhibition Ground - 16-17-18 January 2015 | Ahmedabad : Gujarat University Grounds - 06-07-08 February 2015

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Ar. Hafeez Contractor – Principal Architect, Architect Hafeez Contractor: I think Acetech is doing a great job. Every year it’s a great success . It’s getting a lot of vendors and trade people. I think it’s a great place for everybody to meet.

Hadi Teherani – Creative Head, Hadi Tehrani Group, Germany: It is very important for the building industry to have fairs of such international standards. You can compare ACETECH with fairs in Europe.

Niranjan Hiranandani - Managing Director, Hirandani Group, Mumbai: Having seen ET Acetech over the years, I find it has grown bigger and better with time and has raised the bar in terms of standard and infrastructure. It’s a wonderful platform for buyers and suppliers to meet and showcase the trends emerging worldwide.

Ar. R O Shroff - Principal Architect, Callison: I was really surprised at the turnout of the exhibitors, new technology and the quality of the products exhibited at ACETECH 2013. It has reached international standards.

Ar. Omiros Emmanouilides - Founder and Principal Architect, Omiros One Architecture, Australia: It was a great experience to be involved with the panel discussion. ACETECH is a good forum to exchange ideas and to hear from people around the globe and what they have to offer.

Ashish Raheja - Managing Director, Raheja Universal: It is fantastic to see Acetech grow over the years and bring all major developers under one roof. Having added Green and Lighting, it has transcended from an exhibition to a brand which represents the construction industry. Its next step should be to go international.

Rajendra Verma - Director, Omkar Realtors and Developers, Mumbai: I had a good experience visiting the fair, ACETECH. I came across few new products which could be explored and used in our existing projects.

Ar. Yatin Patel - Principal Architect, DSP Design Associates: Design Wall is a great platform. It is interesting to see newer products that are available and gives us options for some of our projects.

J.P Agarwal - Principal Architect, J.P.Agrawal & Associates, Kolkata: Design wall 2013 was a very well organized event which emphasized on ’innovation’. It is a great platform for interaction of manufacturers and architects and spreading awareness of new products.

Ajit Shilpi - Principal Architect,Ajit Shilpi Architects & Interior: Design Wall is a brilliant innovation of ACETECH. It is a perfect platform for introduction and showcasing of new innovative products available in the industry.

Bijay Kumar Agarwal - Managing Director, Salarpuria Group, Bengaluru: In this industry ACETECH is a real platform, it introduces us with innovations and new materials.

Jimmy Mistry - Principal Architect, Della Tecnica: ACETECH is a confluence of all the best builders, architects and vendors. It is one of those events which is living up to the international standards.

Rajeev Piramal - Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Peninsula Land Ltd: ACETECH is a great platform and is getting bigger and better. It gives an opportunity to experience a wide range of products and meet the right kind of people.

Dr. R.K. Pachauri – Director General, TERI: I think it’s important to hold events like ACETECH as it helps in creating awareness. It is a perfect platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge for a greener future.

Shri Sitaram Kunte - BMC COMMISSIONER: Green Conference initiative is a very welcome step and a good beginning towards achieving green buildings. I was really impressed by the wide variety of issues as well as the experts that came to GGS.

Shri Sanjay Wamanrao Deotale - Minister of Environment & Cultural Affairs, Government of Maharashtra: Global Green Summit, 2013, is one of the first steps taken towards making Maharashtra a Green state and this country a beautiful place to live in. I am very happy to be a part of it.

Andre Tammes – Visual Planner and Lighting Advisor, Andre Tammes, Australia: International Lighting Summit 2013 was a focused and a cogent conference. The seven speakers which I had selected, had a very clear briefing and they stuck to their brief. We went for quality over quantity and that has paid off.

David Becker - Founder and Director at Point of View, Australia: The diverse perspective and balanced viewpoints presented by the speakers in International Lighting Summit was something to look for. Speakers views on light and architecture in nature had made it even more interesting.

Duncan Mcleod - Founder and Director at Studio Mcleod, London: International Lighting Summit was very impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learnt a lot. I know something, but at ILS I learnt even more. Its great !

Navin Raheja - Chairman and Managing Director, Raheja Developers Ltd: When I entered the exhibition, I thought of calling all my teams immediately to see that we have so many varied displays of technology of latest materials.

Anuj Puri - Chairman and Country Head JLL: I am delighted to have moderated power packed discussion panel at ACETECH 2013. I would personally like to thank Mr Sumit and Manish Gandhi for the opportunity of having key representatives who are responsible for the progress of real estate industry in India under one roof.

Kiran Gala -Principal Architect, Kiran Gala and Associates: Grandstand was a wonderful experience for exhibitors to see their hard work pay off. With its progressive attitude and platforms such as lighting and green summit, ET Acetech is getting more informative and gives newer directions towards innovative thinking.

Shri Sachin Ahir - Minister of State for Housing, Maharashtra: ACETECH 2013 was a perfect platform for enterprisers and business houses to showcase their products, services, equipment and technologies.


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