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About Ace Interface

Encouraged by the optimistic response to ACETECH each year, ACETECH 2015 embarked on the road to pursue its aim and vision, to widen the reach of the platform, in order to ensure it becomes the converging point for Industry specialists across the globe. To accomplish the objective ACETECH launched ACE INTERFACE in 2015. Through the endeavor “ACE INTERFACE … an ACETECH initiative”, we look forward to bring the Construction, Architectural And Design Fraternity together under one roof. We aim to add more value and drive better practices within the business; in order to impress new prospects, connect with new clients, generate new partnerships and elevate the industry to greater heights. ACETECH 2015 brought together the best of the best in the Architectural & Design industry. 250 + industry professionals specially selected from 35 states / cities across India, met during the first ever ACE INTERFACE 2015 in Bangalore and Delhi.

ACE INTERFACE 2018 aims to provide participants opportunities to make new, prosperous business connections with top brands and go beyond the traditional exchange of experience. Participants of ACE INTERFACE 2018 will enjoy an exceptional opportunity to learn about the leading brands, to trade stories, expertise and ideas, and to hear inspiring lectures from the world’s most respected professionals.